If your IT company is keeping you in the dark about this one, it’s time to start looking elsewhere for support.

Windows 2003 Server

Microsoft is set to end support for Windows Server 2003, and if your business is still reliant on it, then you’re going to be facing some issues. So why hasn’t your IT team been talking to you about it? Maybe they don’t have the right skill level or knowledge base, or maybe they just don’t want to put in the work. But your business can’t afford to be unprepared when the deadline hits. You’ll be facing a wide array of issues.

Your System and Business Will Be at Risk

  • Your system’s safety is reliant on the fixes for existing bugs and security patches that come with upgrades – but once support ends for Server 2003, you’ll stop getting those. There are always new threats emerging online and your network will be left exposed once support for the server ends.
  • Is your IT company paying attention to the unique compliance regulations of your industry? When support for Server 2003 ends you may be failing to meet your industry requirements. In many cases this leads to financial penalties as well as lost business.
  • Any new hardware or software upgrades that are released after support for Windows Sever 2003 ends are likely to not be compatible with the retired sever. Do you really want your business to be stuck using outdated technology and unable to leverage the benefits of new upgrades?

We’re Here to Help

  • Waiting until the last minute to make the switch would be a huge mistake – figuring out a plan for the changeover will be dependent on your unique IT environment. That’s why your business needs to work with a reliable IT team to help you with the transition. If your current IT support isn’t talking to you about this right now, you need to get set up a team that will.
  • There are many things to account for when you’re making the switch, and it all needs to be handled carefully because it involves moving your existing workload. Microsoft will be ending support for Windows Server 2003 on July 14, 2015 so there’s no more time to waste.

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