"I have been with Vertical IT for over 10 years and they were referred to me by a close associate. We are in a highly competitive Insurance and Real Estate business and being down for a minute is not an option. These guys are experts at what they do and let me focus on our family business. They keep me informed about threats with their monthly newsletter which allows me to be on top of the vulnerabilities that could exist. I can't afford to have a competitor hack my system or crack my network. I've referred them many times to other business associates without hesitation."

Michael Collins

CFO, Mohawk Insurance and Real Estate

"We have a very specialized Marine Engineering consulting firm that requires us to be available to our client 24/7. We operate all over the world and work with multiple companies. We cannot afford to be down for a minute. We were referred by a close associate that had raved about this firm for years. My last firm couldn't keep up to date with our virus protection and had our computers down all day charging us hourly. These guys were able to fix us remotely and recommend a permanent solution for us. We are very thankful to them and we rarely have issues now but when we do we are right back up and they gave us a service plan that cut my yearly cost by 70%. I recommend them highly and wish I had brought them on board when I first opened."

Anne Smith

CEO, Johnair Group

"The main reasons I continue to work with Vertical IT are: the unbelievable support I get from their staff. No matter how major or minor my issue is, they provide immediate resolutions in a timely manner. That is extremely important to me when sometimes something so small ends up being a bigger issue."

Ron Gove

Chief Technology Officer/ IT Director, Long’s Jewelers

"Vertical IT has helped us expand our IT capabilities and Paul’s expertise has been instrumental in ensuring our IT infrastructure continues to meet our needs. Having someone with Paul’s level of knowledge providing guidance on everything from hardware to implementations, has been a tremendous benefit."

Edward Flak

President/Owner, Facilities Pro-Sweep

"Our company grew quickly and we recognized that we needed a professional to handle the IT side of things.Vertical IT bought out the company that we had been contracted with. They came in and met with us and we signed a new contract with them."

Kelly Morris

Office Manager at ECW

"They make sure everything works smoothly everyday, and they’ve done a great job. Our network runs well, and having them on-board, when I have an IT issue, I can give them a call and they get here right away to fix it."

Scott Mulligan

Sales Engineer at Headhunter

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