Vertical IT takes the worries, time, and expense of hosting technology off your plate.

Maintaining your own IT hosting is much too expensive for most small and medium-sized businesses in Boston. Plus, trying to configure a hosting system is very complex. And then you have to plan for future software and hardware needs.

With Hosting Services from Vertical IT, your business in or around Boston, will benefit from:

  • Customized application solutions that meet your unique business needs.
  •  Easy access to your applications.
  • Spam that’s stopped before it reaches your emails.
  • Secure and accessible email archiving.
  • More efficient collaboration.
  • Streamlined business operations.
  • Increased efficiency and security.
  • Consolidated resources, that save money, time, and provide for greater productivity.
  • 24/7 technical support for your desktops, laptops and more.
  • Hosting services that can be quickly implemented without any disruption to your business.
  •  One monthly fixed fee, with no additional fees.

We offer technology services and solutions that meet your needs, save you time, and money. Contact Vertical IT to learn more about our Cloud Hosting Solutions. Call us at (888) 505-8215 or email

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