You Care for Patients – Let Us Care for Your IT

As a healthcare provider or the manager of a medical practice, you’re dedicated to the health of your patients. Wouldn’t you like to get IT updates, upgrades, security, and compliance off your plate so you can devote more time to patient care? We can help! The Vertical IT team has spent much time and effort in getting to understand the unique demands of healthcare-related IT

Medical practices Boston must meet Meaningful Use Stage 2 Requirements to receive government funds. Compliance issues are challenging and must be met with qualified expertise from a company like Vertical IT. The Vertical IT team is waiting for your call and is ready to give you the IT peace, compliance, and security you are seeking.

Your patient information, staff records, and internal documentation needs to be secured, preserved, and accessible for streamlined workflow. Vertical IT can provide all these advantages and in addition we can alleviate your I.T stresses with:

  • Remote monitoring to ensure security
  • HIPAA-compliant data centers for assurance that patient health records are being appropriately stored
  • The ability to exceed HIPAA Omnibus and Meaningful Use Stage 2 requirements.
  • Easily-budgeted monthly payment that lowers the cost of IT management
  • Management of  vendor services – EMR suppliers and others

The important work that you are doing with your patients deserves to be reinforced by professional IT services. Give Vertical IT a call today at (888) 505-8215 or send an email to to set up a free IT consultation with our healthcare IT professionals.


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