Every business has unique characteristics that drive particular IT needs

Here’s the good news! We have researched and are currently serving the IT requirements of the most challenging industry sectors in the Boston market today.

Have a challenging IT situation?

Are your industry-specific IT intricacies driving your on-call “computer guy” crazy?

Are all of the details of heavy IT burdening your in-house IT team with too much work?

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Some of the industries that we specialize in are:

  • Accounting Firms – Your accounting practice deals with reams of data every day. Let us show you how to secure it in a way that actually improves its accessibility and your workflow.
  • Manufacturing – Keeping all of the moving pieces coordinated and your productivity in top form is what manufacturing IT is all about, and we know how to give you just that!
  • Medical / Healthcare – Confidentiality and regulatory compliance are central to your efforts to care for your patients. We can give you the capability to do both while freeing up your valuable time.
  • Law Offices / Legal – Every one of your cases contains information that could be helpful to the other side and damaging to your client. Streamline your workflow and protect your client’s privacy and your law firm’s reputation with ironclad IT security from us!
  • Automotive Industry – Competitive leverage is a hard thing to find, but IT services from Vertical IT can optimize your internal and customer-facing IT to give you the advantage you need!

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