Vertical IT has offices in the Greater Boston Area, MA and Fort Lauderdale, FL.

We provide managed Information Technology services, support and solutions, for many different organizations and businesses.     We learn about your company and its needs so we can offer customized solutions designed to improve productivity and efficiency allowing you and your staff to focus on your goals and objectives.   We keep your systems and networks backed up and protected from the many risks associated with the advanced technological age we all find ourselves in.    We offer 24/7/365 support to keep your technology up and running to its fullest potential.

Are your computers down? Trouble getting in touch with your IT support?   – This is not acceptable and we share our clients sense of urgency.  Most times before they even realize there was a potential threat or problem by 24/7/365 monitoring of all your systems.

We hire the best engineers available to us with extensive experience working over multiple platforms.  Our success has been driven by our cooperation with our clients and many partnerships in the industry to keep you up to date and offer real time solutions.

Why Vertical IT?  “I already have a guy I’m all set he’s got me covered, secure and ready for any potential disaster.” Or “they’re all the same I switched before and it’s a huge undertaking.”

We get this a lot and in some cases this is true…but?  Wouldn’t you like to be 100% certain?  Especially with all the latest news coverage about things like Ransomware and companies losing their customers data and being exposed to further damage outside of your organization.

When you choose to work with Vertical IT, you can rest assured knowing we:

  •  Take the time to learn and fully understand all of your technology needs for your organization.
  •  Offer a wide variety of solutions,  customized to meet the unique needs of the client.
  • Full on-boarding support and training so you are maximizing your staffs productivity.
  • Plus, we will keep you up to date as a member of our VIP Insiders Club.   This will keep you aware of the latest news in technology and provide exclusive offers to you.

To learn more about Vertical IT, give us a call at (888) 505-8215 or send us an email at Vertical IT is the preferred IT support company for businesses of all types and sizes in Boston.

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