Cyber CriminalSimilar to the hit TV show Criminal Minds, the FBI was hard at work in South Florida and Atlanta over the past week. As a result of their hard work, multiple cybercriminals and personal identity thieves were busted.

The Miami Herald reports that the FBI tasks force arrested six cybercriminals, many of who worked at AT&T call centers in Broward County. These cybercriminals are accused of stealing AT&T customer ID’s and account information for corporate databases. And to make matters worse, the stolen information was used to submit fraudulent cellphone insurance claims.

The former AT&T employees and one UPS driver are charged with conspiring to sell stolen customer information to co-conspirators. In another case, a Hialeah man is charged with stealing thousands of cable boxes and modems, then illegally modifying them to receive free Internet and TV services.

According to John Jimenez, supervisor of the Miami Cyber Task Force, the FBI is teaming up with local, state, and federal law enforcement agencies to crack down on cybercrime activity in the US or targeted at the US.

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