In 2016, Get Ready to Cut Costs, Increase Take-Home Profits, and Operate More Efficiently

Here’s What You Need to Know to Get Ready for the Upcoming Year…


We’re in the middle of an information technology revolution and it all started with the personal computer. Since then, we’ve seen smartphones, tablets, and other devices with more capabilities than we ever imagined possible. The revolution continues to take us by surprise. For many businesses; however, spending money on information technology is hit or miss; but you simply can’t afford to waste money on information technology that’s not suited to your needs and capable of helping you achieve your goals and objectives.

How do you invest in the right information technology? You start with having a strategic plan that outlines your goals and objectives, as well as the solutions expected to achieve those goals and objectives. That strategic plan must be reviewed on a regular basis, at least bi-annually, to ensure you’re on the right track.

The next step is staying ahead – being knowledgeable on how to cut costs, increase take-home profits, and operate more efficiently. Here’s what you need to know to get ready for the upcoming year:

  • Cybercrime becomes more sophisticated

As we see more connected, embedded devices find their way into the hands of consumers, the rate of cybercrime continues to skyrocket. Attackers are after corporate and personal data, whether they’re ready to make a profit or simply wreak havoc, cybercrime continues to evolve. You must prepare to face cybercrime through the right security measures, including anti-virus software, firewalls, data backup, and more.

  • Mobility becomes vital to compete

It’s the age of mobility – from smartphones to tablets to laptops, employees are leveraging a range of mobile devices to stay connected while they’re outside of the office. But that’s simply not enough to compete. You must ensure staff members have access to vital information and applications from any device or location via cloud computing. This is integral to staying competitive.

  • Industry-specific compliance becomes harder to achieve

Year after year, we see industry-specific regulations evolve – from HIPAA to FINRA and everything in between, companies seem to have a harder time maintaining compliance as the years go on. You need a technology partner that understands your industry and the regulations you’re required to adhere to. Otherwise, it’s difficult to stay ahead of changes made to regulations.

  • Business analytics become integral for customer satisfaction

The power of business analytics continues to increase at a rapid rate – allowing those who choose to invest in data mining/business intelligence platforms to have a better understanding of what their customers expect and enjoy. This lets you better serve your customers as you have insight into their opinions – leading to much higher customer satisfaction than ever before.

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