Mobile AppsAs a business owner, you are likely looking for ways to streamline your operations and improve your customer service. That’s easier to do when you have ample resources at hand to help you with the process. The good news is the internet offers numerous tools and resources that can help business owners better meet their needs and get more done. These sites shouldn’t be missed.

Appy Pie

For businesses considering the benefit of creating their own app but who don’t want to spend a great deal, Appy Pie could be the ideal option. It offers a no-cost option as well as upgraded products that allow you to design apps with just some basic information and in a matter of minutes.

Exercism for Programming Skills

Exercism gives you the ability to learn about computer programming and coding in a less-than-intimidating way. This site is a good option for those just learning how to code. The tool allows you to practice skills through various exercises, teaching you through practice.


As a business owner, you have plenty of things to do during the course of a single day. It’s no wonder that trip plans become confusing, especially if you take a lot of trips over the course of the year. With Tripit, users can not only make plans, but also track and organize their connections in one place. It also adds in directions and maps to help you navigate any destination you are traveling to on your journeys.


If your business relates to travel or you just want to share your experiences, you can easily do so on TravelPod. This site is a great place to create an ongoing blog that allows you to document where you go, what you do, and any details you want to share. It’s a great way to document your experiences.

Mike’s Radio World

For those who would love to tap into the radio stations around the world to learn, listen and grow, Mike’s Radio World is a must. With it, you can check out college campus stations or listen to the top charts at various locations around the world. It offers a simple way to listen live to 5,000 international radio stations.


Communicating within any business is an essential component of daily activities, but that does not mean it is easy to do. WithSlack, things can be easier to manage. It allows you to communicate across numerous locations and spaces in a simple forum-like design. It allows for collaboration without all of the frustrations. Bring people in from all components of your network to talk and share information.

Goodwill Community Foundations offers a deep online learning website called, and it is one of the best resources out there for anyone who wants to learn something. You can learn any type of job skill here as well as do some networking and career building. You’ll find video lessons that appeal to any audience.

Numerous tools are available online to help you better manage your business and your life. From Coloring Pages for Adults (for those who want to find their inner creative) to (inventory what’s really in your fridge), you can find plenty of ways to take better control of your life. And usually, these types of apps and tools can be fun to use as well.

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