As Newport Wholesalers began experiencing major growth, they also began having major issues and downtime with their IT provider. It became clear to them that they had outgrown their existing IT support company. Relying as heavily as they were on their technologies and systems, it was imperative that they find an IT partner who they could depend on, and not just another vendor. Thankfully, that’s where Vertical IT came in: Offering the expert knowledge and technical know-how needed for Newport Wholesalers to solve their problems..

Nothing is more vital for a business in today’s world than having the proper IT support to turn to – and nothing can be more devastating than not having this. Ill fitting technologies and lack of support leaves a business facing significant challenges that could hinder its success.

The Situation: Downtime, Poor Service & Slow Support That Mandated An Improved IT Strategy!

Facing challenges regarding downtime due to a lack of response time and support services from their IT provider, Newport Wholesalers Inc. knew it was time to seek out professional IT help. Lisa Mancuso, Controller at Newport Wholesalers Inc., comments on the situation, saying: “We are a national grocery wholesaler and we require cutting edge technology.”

Thankfully, Newport Wholesalers Inc. was referred by their Senior Technical Director to Vertical IT – Someone who could make a difference.

The Solution: Sophisticated, Reliable Technologies & Innovative, Responsive Support To Maximize Uptime!

Vertical IT was able to offer Newport Wholesalers Inc. the technical skills and expert knowledge needed in order to achieve their goals. We have been able to implement a Disaster Recover solution and continue to provide Newport Wholesalers Inc. with Managed Services on a daily basis.

Mancuso expresses appreciation for the work that Vertical IT has done, and continues to do, for Newport Wholesalers, saying that most appreciated of all is: “Their execution of problem-solving and expedient, on-time service is appreciated when a problem arises.”

The Outcome: An IT Partner & Environment That Work Best For Their Business!

Since working with Vertical IT the downtime seen by Newport Wholesalers Inc. has drastically decreased. Thanks to a responsive support team, reliable technologies, and innovative solutions, Newport Wholesalers Inc. has seen significant benefits.

Mancuso remarks, “When they say something will get done… it gets done – no second phone call needed to remind them.”


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