Windows 10 PatchesYes, Windows 10 users were affected by these security flaws as well!

Even with the newest OS to be released by Microsoft, Windows 10 was victim to these security flaws, but with these new patches, you can feel a bit more secure knowing that the big software giant is doing everything they can to keep their platform secure from malicious and unwanted attacks. In this month’s Patch Tuesday, Microsoft issued 14 bulletins, which accounted for approximately 60 total separate fixes across Windows, Office, Windows Server, and other products. The four most critical flaws that were addressed were:

  • MS15-079 fixed issues with memory corruption in all supported versions of Internet Explorer wherein affected users that visited a specially-crafted webpage could become victim to attack, in which an attacker could gain the same user privileges as the user. Administrative users would be most affected by this flaw.
  • MS15-080 rectifies certain vulnerabilities in .NET Framework, Silverlight, and Lync, preventing the possibility of an attacker to run a malicious code designed to trick the user into opening a document or webpage containing embedded TrueType or OpenType fonts. Such code would allow an attacker to view and delete personal data, create a new user account with full administrative rights, and even install programs.
  • MS15-081 resolved certain vulnerabilities with Office, in which an attacker could remotely run code as the logged-in user if a malicious file was opened – causing an unwanted threat to the integrity of personal files. Also once again, administrative users are most affected as they have the most access.
  • MS15-091 affected Edge, Microsoft’s newest browser. An attacker could gain access at the logged-in user level by running a malicious code on an affected machine if the user visits a specially-crafted webpage.

There were also additional patches in Windows 10 for functionality, performance, and non-security fixes and other releases from MS15-082 to MS19-092 rated as “important” affecting Windows, Windows Server, and Office. Microsoft acknowledged researchers from Google’s Project Zero, and Trend Micro, among others, for their impressive research and security work. All of August’s patches will be available through the normal update channels.

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