Companies like yours are investing in IT, however, poorly executed or under-planned tasks waste money. In contrast, those that plan and execute accurately get returns from their investments year after year.

IT For Revenue

How can you do the same?

It all starts with recognizing how IT increases the value within your company. Here are 3 valuable processes where technology plays a vital role:

  1. Product / Service development & delivery:

When it comes to product / service development and delivery, IT significantly cuts costs with streamlined processes. In product and service development, many tasks are unique and require everyone to be coordinated, able to collaborate, access information, and know the status of inventory. This means the right systems must be in place to ensure speed and efficiency, ultimately saving costs.

Delivery requires communication to be successful and that can be easily automated using IT tools. For example, receipt of parts can start a process that makes the employees and/or clients aware that items needed have arrived and supplies the next steps to completion. That keeps things from slipping through the cracks and improves client communications. Any automation that improves those two items, makes your company money.

  1. HR procedures:

IT plays a major role in HR processes and procedures – saving tons of time, money, and hassle by allowing HR professionals to train new staff members from remote locations, store and retrieve files in an electronic format to eliminate wasted time spent searching for information, and assess new employee performance through various software programs to ensure performance standards are met.

Training, an example from above, can be done quite easily and significantly cheaper than most companies currently handle it. One of the many ways is by video recording a training session and making it available through the company portal. This can be enhanced by testing the attendee at the end of the video, log the results in their file, automate when training needs to be updated and retain productive staff. By recording something one time that can be used dozens, hundreds or thousands of times, provides a huge savings to your company.

  1. Customer service and communication:

When customers need assistance, your staff members must be able to provide service and communicate seamlessly. IT plays a vital role in the process of customer service – allowing every individual to easily communicate and interact with customers and are always available.

Two common practices are voicemail to email / text and linking communications directly to the customer account. This streamlines processes to ensure a higher level of satisfaction, which makes your company money.

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