Computers TrashYou probably have a locked trash shredder in your office for those files that need to be kept for your eyes only. Your employees take faxes or documents with your sensitive corporate data, feed them into the locked shredder, and eventually call a specialized company to properly dispose of the contents. It’s safe, it’s clean, and it’s compliant.

Do you take the same care with your computers?

Ensure you have the right defenses against any cybercriminal looking to exploit your business. Trust in Vertical IT for all your business IT Security that covers all your bases and lets you rest easy. Call us at (888) 505-8215 to schedule a vulnerability assessment and find out just how safe you are.

Wondering how to get started with IT security? 

Too many businesses take their IT security for granted, and think that simply putting up some anti-virus software from the Internet is enough to keep them safe. But cybercrime is on the rise, and those businesses that don’t prepare the right defenses are the ones most likely to experience catastrophic data breaches.

In fact, small businesses make up over 35% of all cybercrime targets in New England.

All it takes is a single security data breach to bring down terrible consequences on your business:

  • Compromised computers needing costly repairs
  • Damaged reputation with clients and partners
  • Violated industry regulations
  • Business downtime wasting payroll dollars
  • And worse

To truly protect your data and stay compliant with any regulations you face, you need a comprehensive security suite that’s safer than any physical trash bin. IT Security Solutions from Vertical IT has you covered:

  • Vulnerability Assessments: Analyzing your existing IT and operations to find network loopholes, unsafe practices, and other vulnerabilities.
  • Network Security: Locking out unauthorized access to your systems and letting you go online in or out of the office without fear.
  • Wireless Network Security: Use your WIFI network and mobile devices without worrying about guests or criminals snooping through your data.
  • Email & Spam Protection: Securing your email from malware, spam, phishing attempts, and other email threats that could breach your defenses.

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