Hurricane season started just a couple weeks ago on June 1, and it won’t be over until the end of November.

Hurricane SeasonWhen you’re thinking about keeping your data secure, you’re probably thinking mostly about protecting yourself from web-based attacks, which is only logical considering that there were over 300 million new pieces of malware created last year alone.

But don’t forget about the physical threats that are ever-present on this world. An office of brick and mortar seems sturdy enough on most days, but all it takes is one bad day of nasty weather to make you realize just how vulnerable your office is.

The National Weather Service (NWS) expects 3 to 6 hurricanes this season. That means you’re looking at 3 storms with gusts up to 95 mph and 10-minute sustained winds of 65 mph, and of course heavy rainfall. And that’s just for Category 1 storms. The NWS also expects one of those hurricanes to be Category 3-strength, which will bring gusts up to 130 mph and 10-minute sustained winds of 110 mph.

That’s some powerful stuff. It’ll have the streets flooding, debris flying, windows breaking, trees and utility poles uprooted and lying in the street.

Power outages are a concern, but they’re a relatively temporary issue (as long as none of your servers have a problem starting up when the electricity comes back on). What you really have to worry about is flooding, which threatens to ruin your servers and disrupt your day-to-day operations if you don’t have an effective business continuity plan in place.

Cloud Computing Will Save Your Data from the Stormclouds

Backing up your data on-site used to be the only way to back up your data, but now there’s a better way.

That better way is the cloud. By uploading your files remotely to someone else’s server located way off in a different city, if not a different state or county, you’ll be completely protected from on-site disaster. Even if your office was leveled completely and reduced down to nothing but dust, all your files would remain intact, waiting in the cloud, ready to be restored whenever you’re ready.

If your office is wrecked, it could take weeks before your on-site equipment is up and running again. That amount of downtime is unacceptable; you’ll miss a lot of opportunities and lose a lot of potential revenue.

With the cloud your workforce will be able to access business data with their personal smartphones or laptops, so you can still collaborate on projects and get work done while you wait on extensive repairs to fix up your damaged office.

By migrating your backups to the cloud, Vertical IT allows you to adapt to the aftermath of a hurricane or any other dire circumstances.

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