Here’s 3 Reasons Those Newcomers Put Your Data at Risk!


When we bring new staff members on-board, we often think about the talents they have, the skill-sets they bring, and the bright new perspectives they offer; but what we don’t think about is the data security risks that come alongside those great benefits associated with new hires and interns.

Absolute Software performed a study on mobile security – discovering that millennials bring the greater data security risks over other age groups. Why?  Because they use technology differently – they’ve grown up with social media and apps and have a sense of security using them.

Here are 3 reasons newcomers are putting your data at risk – and what you can do to stay protected:

  1. Using company-owned mobile devices for personal risk:

Did you know 64% of younger employees do online banking or check social media via company-owned mobile devices? You need to make sure all employees are using proper security configurations on the web, as devices used for personal use leave you at risk.

  1. Accessing content that’s not safe for work:

Over 25% of younger employees access social media, gaming, video streaming, and online shopping websites, which are flooded with malicious content. One of the most effective solutions for this is web content filtering software that allows you to prevent access to content that’s not safe for work.

  1. Modifying settings that keep devices secure:

35% of all younger employees admit to modifying settings that are meant to keep devices secure. This could be anything from downloading an app that’s not approved to jail-breaking a device. In an effort to keep devices secure, you need clear policies that outline the consequences of bypassing security measures.

While millennials often make great additions to your team, they’ve grown up in the world of social media and apps – and as a result, they don’t often realize how important the right precautions are to keep confidential data secure.

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