IT Support CompanyWhen you hire an information technology support company to support your business, you’re putting your faith in them to ensure you’re getting the most out of your technology investments and services. You need professionals who not only know the ins and outs of technology, but also how to make sure that your technology investments are supporting the needs of your business.  You need an IT company who puts business first and then has the knowledge to recommend the right IT systems to meet the objectives of your company.  Not the other way around.

You need to trust that your IT support company is doing everything they can to help you and your staff. But you hired them for their knowledge and expertise, so how will you know whether they’re being truthful, or if they’re just taking advantage of you?

Here’s a list of 5 areas of conern that you may be getting horrible advice from your New England IT company, and that it’s time to find a new team of professionals:

  1. They tell you cloud computing is a “fad.”

Cloud computing is a technology that has gone through its phases of evolution, and is now serving the needs of small, and even large corporate businesses very efficiently. Many businesses use cloud services to streamline the information technology they use, so they’re only paying for exactly the amount and types of IT that match their unique needs. Cloud computing is quickly replacing traditional on-site systems for many businesses, and it’s proving its worth every day.

  1. They tell you that their new cloud product will solve all your problems.

Although cloud computing is a step in the right direction for businesses everywhere, there are some things the cloud can’t solve. Cloud-based programs are more accessible, and that can help your employees work more efficiently, but it won’t actually replace your employees for you. Similarly, a poorly designed application won’t be much improved just by moving it into the cloud.

There’s no reason to avoid the cloud, but you will still need a solid base of productive employees and technology that meets your needs. Don’t be fooled when your IT company tells you the cloud is the answer to all your problems.

  1. They don’t meet with you regularly to discuss your concerns

A great business first tech team will meet with you and your business team to ensure they are on the right track and that they are satisfying your needs. If you never hear from your IT team, it may be a sign that they don’t care to involve you and that they aren’t too concerned about your needs.

  1. They don’t present information about the health of your network

Even when you hire your IT services company to handle all of your information technology for you, you still need to know your systems are working as they should. Your information technology support company should make sure you get regular reports on what’s happening with your systems, presented in plain English that’s easy to understand. If you don’t know how your systems are doing, your IT company might not know either.

  1. They try to sell you products without explaining the benefits to you

Your IT support team might suggest you use a specific brand or product. This might be because they’ve actually seen firsthand that the product performs well and would help your business. Or they might just be trying to make some extra money and get the product off their shelves. They should be explaining the benefits and showing you why you should use the product, so make sure you ask questions. If your IT company can’t give you an explanation that satisfies you, the product probably isn’t worth your money, and the company might not be either.

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