The Surface Laptop is the latest gadget from Microsoft. It ls already making waves in the market.

Here are a few details about it.  

Microsoft Surface Laptop

In recent years, getting a slick laptop that was both compact and capable means you have to get an Apple product. However, you may now have an alternative thanks to the Microsoft Surface. It is quite impressive in terms of performance, design, and the battery life. In fact, some have already begun to compare it to the OS X. Here are some of the features I found impressive about it.

1. It Looks Great.

The laptop weighs just 1.25kg and measures 15 mm at the thickest point. This laptop is designed to be ultra-portable. You will not see any seams, screws or any edges that look out of place of the metallic body, which comes in Burgundy, Cobalt Blue, Platinum, or Graphite Gold. The laptop does not even have a rubber bumper or plastic around the display. Not even the MacBook PR can claim that feature. The amount of precision design that went into this laptop is just amazing.

This applies to its keyboard too. The keyboard is covered in Alcantara, which is the same material used on the steering wheels of most supercars. It has been laser-etched, which is designed to prevent any backlight from leaking. The speakers have been carefully hidden out of site just below the keyboard.

2. It Runs Windows 10 S.

Windows 10 S is a stripped-down version of the Windows 10 OS that is designed for students. Although you can only run apps on this Windows 10 S OS, it has more setting and controls for teachers than a typical Chromebook. Thus, the teacher can ensure that students are actually learning and not playing games during class time.

There is actually quite a decent selection of apps on the Microsoft Store. Things such as Fitbit and Instagram can be accessed on the store. Additionally, new owners can use a year’s subscription to Office 365. If you cannot find an app for what you need, most services such as Amazon Prime Video and Spotify can now be accessed on the Edge browser.

However, you may find some things missing. Since you cannot install full programs on the 10 S, it means services such as iTunes, Photoshop, and Steam will be inaccessible to you for now. If such programs are an essential for you, then you will have to look for an alternative solution.

However, that does not mean you should not buy the Surface. Microsoft is offering an upgrade to the full version of Windows 10 until the end of 2017. The upgrade could slightly reduce the speed and battery life of your laptop. However, if these programs are something that you truly need, you should go for it.

3. The Processing Power is Awesome.

The laptop is fitted with the latest Core i5 and Core i7 mobile CPUs. It also comes with up to 1TG of PCI-E storage bolted to the motherboard. In fact, Microsoft says that it outperforms the MacBook Pro in some areas. This is especially great since it costs so much less than the MacBook.

This is made possible by the vapor chamber that is directly attached to the metallic frame. The result is that it acts as a heat sink, which helps to cool down the laptop efficiently. Additionally, this laptop is able to boot is about 10 seconds. This is comparable to the bootup speeds of the Chromebook.

4. The Battery Life is Impressive.

Fitted with the latest CPU from Intel, the Windows 10S is able to perform some impressive power management. It does this by keeping unwanted apps from running in the background. With this laptop, Microsoft says you can expect up to 14 hours or more from a single charge. When you put it in standby mode, the battery can last even longer. If you are a student, you will probably not need to carry around your charger. On a full tank, you will have enough power to last you through most of your classes.

5. The Screen is Designed for Students.

The surface Laptop has a 2256×1504 resolution, which is below 4K but still better than 1080p. The 13.5-inch screen has a 3:2 aspect ratio. This is great for students. You can squeeze in two documents for those times when you need to multitask. The low resolution will not put too much strain on the battery. That means you can study late without having to worry about the battery running out. It also has a touch sensitive layer that lets you scribble on the screen with a stylus.

6. The Keyboard and Trackpad.

The laptop’s LED backlit keyboard is radically different from anything else that Microsoft has created before. Thus, you will not need to buy a keyboard cover. It is also not recommended to sketch on the touchscreen as it will flip right back.

The keyboard also has chunky keys that have the same long travel as those on the Surface Book. If you love the click-clack sound as you type away on your project, this keyboard is right for you.

If you press on the keys too hard, this keyboard does have some flex. Since the keyboard is all about personal taste, you should try out a Surface at your local computing store to see if it makes you happy. However, the trackpad is flawless. It would still be a nice idea to invest in a mouse for bit more precision when editing.

7. The Price is a Bit Eye Watering.

The cheapest version of this laptop, which was apparently designed for students, is quite expensive; at $999, you will have to dig deep to acquire this laptop. The reason for this laptop being so expensive may be that it was designed as a competitor to the MacBook Air. It outperforms or matches the cheapest laptop from Apple in terms of battery life, design, power, and portability.

It is made of hardy materials that are supposed to last you from the first day of school until graduation day. Thus, if you spread the price over many years, it does not seem to be so high. If the price is not an issue for you, you can order yours as Microsoft has already begun to ship out the laptops.

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