East Coast Windows & Doors (ECW), Inc., founded in 1996 as a window and door repair and installation company, specializes in window and door sales and installation, window and door replacement, and new construction for residential and commercial properties. When ECW started to grow at a rapid rate, they started searching for a Fort Lauderdale IT support company to handle their evolving IT needs. And Vertical IT was the right choice for the job!

As a repair and installation company, ECW heavily relies on their technology to maintain productivity and efficiency throughout day-to-day operations. And when their technology fails, productivity and efficiency come to a complete halt.

The Situation: A Need to Move Beyond the Break/Fix Approach as Their IT Needs Continued to Evolve 

When ECW started to grow at a rapid rate, their IT needs grew alongside their business. And while their previous IT support company offered a break/fix approach to their technology, they needed a professional IT support company to handle their IT infrastructure in a proactive manner.

Kelly Morris, Office Manager at ECW, explained, “As our company quickly grew, we recognized the need for a professional to handle the IT side of things.”

The Resolution: A Professional IT Support Company to Provide Managed IT Services for Improved Uptime 

After signing a new contract with Vertical IT, ECW now benefits from managed IT services, including desktop and server monitoring and maintenance, helpdesk services, vendor management, and backup and disaster recovery. As a result of the proactive managed IT services, ECW experiences minimal to no disruptions and downtime.

Kelly Morris discussed the importance of backup and disaster recovery, “backup and disaster recovery is extremely important to us due to the nature of our business. It would be tedious and time consuming to have to recreate the current customers in our system!”

She also offered some valuable insight into the benefits of working with Vertical IT, “We don’t have much in the way of disruptions and downtime. I’d recommend them! They are very responsive and seem to know the latest technology.”

To learn more about our managed IT services, give us a call at (888) 505-8215 or send us an email at info@verticalitcorp.com. Vertical IT is here to help you eliminate disruptions and downtime in your workplace!

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