Siegel Associates Had One – And Now They Have A Fast & Reliable Network

Siegel Associates is a full-service structural consulting firm that was founded in 1991 by Steve Siegel.  They have offices in the Boston suburb of Newton, Massachusetts and also in Spartanburg, South Carolina.

The staff at the consulting firm works with architects, developers, institutions, building owners, insurance companies, and attorneys. Their focus is on technical competence, appropriate solutions, and client service.

However, Siegel Associations needed some consulting services themselves. When they wanted to standardize their hardware and software, Siegel Associates contacted Vertical IT.

How Did Vertical IT Help?

We performed a free Network Assessment and recommended the appropriate hardware and software that Siegel Associates required for a robust, fully functional system.

As a result, they now have a fast and reliable network without any downtime.

What Is A Network Assessment?

It’s vitally important to assess your IT systems once a year. It will help to ensure that your:

  • Computers and network will run reliably.
  • Systems are free of viruses, malware and vulnerabilities.
  • Software is patched and up-to-date.
  • Technology provides the ROI you require.
  • Data is reliably backed up and quickly recoverable.
  • Mobile devices remain secure.
  • Digital information is safeguarded while in transit.
  • Systems are protected from unauthorized intrusions.
  • Information in the Cloud is secure and readily accessible.

Apart from identifying weaknesses, a Network Assessment will pinpoint operational inefficiencies that could be costing you in lost efficiency and productivity.

It will also help to find ways to streamline your workloads and identify opportunities to grow your organization.

If nothing else, it provides peace of mind that your technology will always work for you wherever and whenever you need it.

What Other Services Does Vertical IT Provide To Siegel Associates?

Managed VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) Services: If you’re still using outdated phone service, then you probably understand the frustration of lost or dropped calls. Every time there’s a storm, phone service goes out. If you run a business, then reliable communications are vital. You must speak to clients and call in orders to your vendors. Phone service is something we all take for granted until we lose it.

Voice over Internet Protocol provides dependable phone service that goes with you wherever you go. It’s easy to add new users as your business grows. Plus, you can get your choice of email platforms. There are many more features and benefits including:

  • It routes calls over the Internet. If phone lines go down, you can still make calls.
  • You’ll benefit from up to 40% savings over other phone systems.
  • Built-in security features like encryption help you avoid hackers and cyber attacks.
  • Compliance features to help legal firms, healthcare, financial services and others comply with regulations.
  • A Control Panel that offers you the ability to control everything from one central location.
  • You can keep your existing phone numbers.
  • It’s highly reliable with guaranteed uptimes.

With VoIP business phones, you can enjoy all the phone services that normally only large companies can afford. There’s no hefty cost for installation. Everything is included in your monthly per-user fee. You’ll benefit from affordability and scalability.

Managed Desktop Services: Managed Desktop Services provide consistent, reliable desktop computing services using standardized hardware and software components from major vendors. It includes hardware and software procurement, installation and support for the lifecycle of the products you choose.

Benefits include:

  • Predictable costs for maintenance.
  • A standardized environment that streamlines response, permitting for more efficient resolution of any concerns.
  • Ready access to technical staff with remote management to troubleshoot issues, reduce downtime and increase your users’ productivity.
  • A Client Portal that provides an easy way to open a ticket for IT service and that includes a maintenance calendar, so you’re always aware of the services being provided.

Managed Server Services: This service manages all the components of data center so your IT assets are monitored and maintained for security and reliability. It keeps the IT environment healthy, and users productive. It provides active server monitoring and management that allows you to allocate resources for more important business tasks.

Managed Network Services: This provides 24×7 monitoring that offers assurance for increased system uptime as any problems are discovered early and resolved more quickly before they result in downtime or data breaches.

A Managed Network may include hardware resources such as servers, routers and switches, along with an operating system and firewall software to run and secure a network.

It may also include services and solutions like a managed Local Area Network (LAN), Wide Area Network (WAN), wireless network, or Virtual Private Network (VPN) to allow your users to log into your network remotely and securely because the connection is encrypted.

Do You Need A Network Assessment?

If you want the benefits that we just discussed and a fast and reliable network without any downtime, then it’s time to schedule one!

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