Technology AppreciationYou should respect and appreciate IT, because a secure network is the only thing protecting you from threats that have the potential to put you out of business.

That sounds dramatic, but it’s true. Just one online security breach could cause enough damage to shut you down for good.

There were over 300 million new pieces of malware created in 2014. If you’re infected and data loss gets involved, your budget is going to take a big hit. Specifically, it takes on average of $150 per compromised file to recover from data loss, and thousands of files are compromised in the average attack, so you’re looking at a total of six or seven figures to recover from just a single incident.

We’ll regularly assess your network to identify weaknesses and fix them before they’re exploited by cybercriminals.

More than Just Security: Less Downtime, More Revenue

Also, you should appreciate what IT can do for your bottom line.

Optimizing equipment and mobilizing your workforce with the cloud will make your New England business more productive. And we’ll keep track of your equipment and make sure outdated hardware is upgraded or replaced before it fails.

That means you’ll experience less downtime, which in turn means that your employees will spend less time waiting around for equipment to be fixed and more time actually getting work done.

Let’s Plan for the Future

Yes, we’ll secure your network, maintain your equipment, help you recover from disaster, help you migrate to the cloud, etc.

But that only covers day-to-day IT responsibilities. We can do more than just that.

Where do you see yourself in 5, 10 years? What are your long-term goals? We’ll cut the usual IT jargon and get right down to business value. We’d like to break down, step by step, how we can use technology to help you meet those long-term goals.

The average CIO would cost you an average salary of $150,000. We’ll provide you with CIO-level consulting at a predictable flat rate that’s much more affordable than adding a CIO to your payroll.

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