Mobile ComputingOur team of mobility computer experts been helping replace PCs with an iPad for several months now! It’s simple: all of your desktop programs can be published on a private cloud and made accessible for staff to use from an iPad, Android, or Windows tablet. This is extremely convenient for businesses of all types and sizes. In fact, here are a few examples of how our clients are benefiting from replacing their PCs with an iPad:

  • Construction companies are working on drawing applications in the field via tablet, which is more convenient than carrying a laptop around.
  • Law firms are taking their tablets into the courtroom or on the go to access information while accounting for time and billing via PC Law or Esilaw.
  • Executives are accessing, editing, and emailing Word documents and Excel files while they’re on the go.
  • Companies of all types are replacing the VPN connections between offices to enable access to applications from home.
  • Sales staff are taking orders, checking inventory, even video conferencing with customers while in the field.

Most clients are keeping their laptop or PC at home and just using the iPad while out of the office. The tablets start faster, are lighter, and very easy to use for any of the programs back at the office. We’ve had a few clients take their iPad on vacation and tell us it was great having such a small and simple-to-use device to pack with them.

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