Being able to identify and anticipate network security flaws is a critical part of IT “hygiene,” and should be performed on an ongoing basis by experts. Not doing this is a big reason why we are seeing more and more cyberattacks and data breaches. So-called “zero-day” exploits or cyber breaches occur because companies and organizations have omitted performing the above-mentioned ongoing diagnostic checks and analysis of data networks. Rooting out flaws and ensuring they cannot pop back up again before cybercriminals exploit them is what separates those who navigate the Web successful and without data breaches (and things like HIPAA fines and ransomware lock-up of computers) from those who do incur cyberattacks, zero-day breaches, data theft and exploitation.

Network Security

Identifying Security Flaws

An IT support team worth their weight in salt (and gold) will be able to identify flaws in your network long before opportunistic hackers can exploit them. This is usually taken care of in the network design and testing process, long before your network gets up to cruising speed and the deck hands relax. The truly vigilant IT services team won’t really rest for one moment, because any tiny data or cybersecurity blemish that pops up on their radar will be identified, analyzed, and wiped out by subsequent counter-measures that take your entire IT infrastructure – hardware and software – into account. They will quickly make suggestions to your department heads or managers about how best to ramp-up security, which is normally followed to the letter.

Special Consideration and Best Practices

Those companies representing industries and areas of commerce such as government, education, healthcare, and financial require special consideration that accounts for compliance regulations (HIPAA and PCI compliance, for example). Your IT experts will perform the necessary data network and cyber security compliance evaluation testing, analysis, and implementation to get your IT network running at full speed, compliant with government regulations on EPHI, or PHI (Electronic Protected Health Information) and will keep it that way. Zero-day threats and other cyberattacks are all but eliminated with the proper intrusion detection and prevention measures in place.

High-Stakes Thoroughbred IT Performance

Yes, your IT network needs to perform like a thoroughbred in a high-stakes horse race, but the good news is that the horse need not wear out or lose the race, provided the right IT support staff are keeping it well-fed, trained, and impervious to threats, attacks, or flaws. In fact, if you are in a high-threat industry, your thoroughbred will run even sleeker and faster, because, as Roan Solutions puts it, “Network security protocols and network performance often work together.” So, if the demands for greater security and compliance regulation is there, overall high-performance of your IT infrastructure race horse will, too.

Zeroing out Zero-Day Threats

The truth is, you and your company can get to the place where network threats are all but zeroed-out. But you need an IT company that employs the latest antimalware tools and techniques; you need ever-vigilant IT professionals who have 24/7 performance testing in place; and, you need those IT services staff to be absolutely up-to-speed on the latest, leading-edge tricks, tips, and tools to make sure your IT data centers and networks are running like an aircraft carrier with all defenses up, through any kind of storm.

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