It doesn’t take a house falling on most businesses these days to know that they should look into getting cloud computing services. It does help to break down the whys and wherefores, however, when you want that added assurance that your move to cloud services is a sound one. We’ve outlaid 4 key signs you and your company are ready for cloud computing in Boston:

  1. Your customer base is mobile-oriented. Over 50 percent of ecommerce transactions were done via mobile devices in 2015. Without the cloud, your investment in infrastructure would exceed the potential benefits that come from your customers’ mobile usage. This is due simply to all the various mobile platforms in use among the hundreds of millions using them, as well as the sheer volume that can overwhelm servers that can’t adjust for varied levels of traffic like the cloud can. Scalable cloud servers also obviate any server cost overruns.
  1. Standard-server space limits. If you’ve ever experienced any downtime or outages due to overloaded and overworked servers, it’s time to look into the cloud. Not only can loads to specific servers be transferred to cloud servers to offset reliance, but viable information can be accessed remotely by customers and staff alike when served by the cloud.
  1. Your costs are running too high. Concrete hardware infrastructure ultimately costs more than cloud server space. It actually costs you twice: in the actual hardware, and in the space it takes up. Cloud service can preclude both in one migratory movement that frees you up server-wise. This can actually act as a capital cancer for SMBs. Gartner analyst Daryl Plummer once said on the subject, “Lines-of-business leaders everywhere are bypassing IT departments to get applications from the cloud (also known as software as a service, or SaaS) and paying for them like they would a magazine subscription. And when the service is no longer required, they can cancel that subscription with no equipment left unused in the corner.”
  1. Making security your main priority. No one can doubt that data, network, and cyber security is perhaps the overarching concern for today’s SMB enterprises. The statistics clearly reveal that most SMBs (and even corporate organizations) aren’t prepared for cyber breaches, data loss, and other related disasters. Moving to the cloud is a good insurance policy, especially with private cloud, hybrid, and central server options. Remember, cloud computing service providers survive and thrive by keeping your data safe.

Time for Cloud Computing in Boston

If the above scenarios seem like a déjà vu or resonate with you at all, it’s time to get the best cloud services in Boston. Vertical IT is one of the most trusted cloud computing companies in Boston. Call (888) 505-8215 today for more information!

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