Long’s Jewelers trusts Vertical IT to manage their range of IT needs so that they can focus on providing the finest products for their customers. 

case-img-2Long’s Jewelers is multi-location, family-owned jeweler business located in Massachusetts. As such a long-standing and productive operation, Long’s Jewelers needs their IT to work without delay to ensure that they can meet the needs of every customer that comes through their doors.

“Technology plays a huge role in how we present our business to our clients,” says Ron Gove, MIS Director for Long’s Jewelers. “All our inventory is imaged in our merchandising allowing us to search and present our entire inventory to our clients. With imaging, this allows us to have different products in various stores but create the visibility we need for all our locations.”

The situation: Long’s Jewelers needed an IT support provider that could give them comprehensive solutions to each and every IT problem that could affect their business.  

At the time that Vertical IT started working with Long’s Jewelers, their primary concern was maintenance and ongoing management of their business’ server.  In addition to that primary concern, Long’s Jewelers needed ongoing aid from a Managed Services Provider that could support their five locations in Massachusetts.

“Our attraction to Vertical IT is the intelligent staff they provide to service and support our company,” says Gove. “Each member of their team that we have worked with on projects and support calls is truly a professional in their field.”

The solution: Vertical IT developed an effective solution to Long’s Jewelers’ server management problem, and since then has provided further support for their merchandise imaging system and more.

Vertical IT ended up being an ideal choice for Long’s Jewelers, providing them with responsive and effective support for their business in the many years since they began working together.

“The main reason that I continue to work with Vertical IT is the unbelievable support I get from their staff,” says Gove. “No matter how major or minor my issue is, they provide an immediate resolution. That is extremely important to me when sometimes something so small ends up being a bigger issue.”

To this day, Vertical IT continues to provide cost-effective IT solutions for Long’s Jewelers, including:

  • Server Remote Management Model
  • Desktop Remote Management Model
  • Business Continuity
  • Cloud Services

“We currently have server support with Vertical IT,” says Gove. “I love this program. The immediate notification of a potential problem or an existing problem is so important.”

“Vertical IT is a truly trusted vendor,” continues Gove. ” We rely on them for support in installing new servers and assisting with firewall rules.  We have put a lot of trust into them and they have never let us down.”

To benefit from Vertical IT’s proactive and high-value support today, get in touch with them at (888) 505-8215 or info@verticalitcorp.com. You too can enjoy the success that Long’s Jewelers has gained with the best IT support available today.

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