Successful Automotive Businesses Rely On Up-To-Date Technologies.

Capabilities in technology are changing the way automotive businesses like yours compete. Without an up-to-date, secure IT infrastructure, you’ll be left behind in the race for success.

Vertical IT can help. With our customized, reliable IT solutions, you’ll have the edge you need to compete and succeed.  Contact us to learn more.  (888) 505-8215 

The most successful automotive businesses are those that utilize information technology to the fullest extent. Vertical IT can help you do this, and enhance your business processes with:

  • Increased Efficiency and Security

You maintain and store massive amounts of data. With a database management system, your staff can process data requested by various users, and improve the speed and efficiency of transactions. Plus with our Cloud Solutions, you can safely store Big Data, and securely retrieve it from anywhere you have an Internet connection.

  • Improved Communications

Reliable communication between your employees, suppliers, and customers is essential. Over the years, a variety of tools have evolved providing simple and cost-effective methods of communication, such as live chat systems, online meeting tools, VoIP telephones, email services and video-conferencing systems.

  • Managed Inventory

Inventory management systems track the quantity of each automobile part by triggering an order for additional stock when needed. These systems can be connected to your point-of-sale system, ensuring your inventory management system is updated with each transaction.

  • Improved Customer Experience

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems capture interactions with each customer, improving the overall customer experience. If a customer calls with an issue, your support representative can see what the customer purchased, and can provide efficient responses to customer issues.

With the recent advancements in information technology, and the expert service and support from Vertical IT, you can improve business processes throughout your entire organization that ultimately promote your success. To learn more, or for a complimentary IT Assessment, contact Vertical IT in Boston or Ft. Lauderdale at: (888) 505-8215 or

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