It has a history of frustrating both email security solutions experts and end-users alike with its wily-ness and adaptability to changing anti-spam measures through the years. But, where does spam proliferation stand in today’s security assessment? It’s still as problematic as ever, with up to half the world’s email being reported as spam, but with a greater percentage than that going without proper security measures to combat spam email. So, why is spam so ever-present, when the means and innovations are available to be able to effectively do away with it? It’s anyone’s best guess, but it’s likely because of so few security precautions being taken on relatively wide open email servers.

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When the Usual Anti-Spam Tools Aren’t Enough

Whether as a private individual/user or a business owner or associate, you’ve implemented the requisite anti-spam tools and filters, which may have cut down on spam to a degree. But, what can you do if, after putting all those spam-filtering measures in place you still find yourself receiving an alarming amount of spam? Here are some valuable insider tips for protecting yourself against spam email:

  • Try to always use a private email address that’s not publicly disclosed. Try to have/use multiple email addresses – one designed for public use, and one for private use. Your private address should not simply be your first and last name – and you should protect the address by never publishing it online, and if you do, spell it like:
  • Never respond to any spam, just flag it and dump it.
  • Before you click unsubscribe, make sure it’s from a source you were already subscribed to in the first place. Clicking unsubscribe on a spam email just verifies your email address for spammers, increasing the chance you will receive more spam in the future.
  • Make sure your browser is the latest version, with the latest internet security patches and updates.
  • Only use email accounts with providers that offer spam filtering.

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